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Fuck naw to the straw? The deal: Honbo is cute as shit, all white and navy blue clean lines outside and all subdued pink lighting and navy blue walls inside. I ordered the cheese burger lunch Housewives wants real sex Kernersville with standard fries because if I want to assess a burger place, I always pick something straight forward the first time.

Fuck yeah to sweet potato fries that are filled with healthier intentions but skip the usual soggy sad Fuck hong kong up constitution. The Honbo press blurbs make an enormous deal about their signature Potato Milk Bun.

Mine is done to about medium and the Honbo beef patty is only comes in at 4oz g beef patty. Konf 4oz just seemed a bit scant. Just give Fuck hong kong up a little bit MOAR.

Size issues aside, everything else on a combo basis worked together. Fuck yeah home made pickles, onion, lettuce and house sauce.

Look, imma not gonna judge my non-vegan homie who decided to make more environmentally sound choices and get the Vegan Burger but this thing was a downright messssss.

The patty is made from barley, mushrooms and eggplant.

Then I think Honbo add equal parts of mushy disappointment, good but ultimately misguided intentions and absolutely no binders to keep it Fuck hong kong up together. My homie took one bite into this sustainable though morally reprehensible atrocity and screwed up her face and in that instance, I knew I also had to try it.

Probs for the best because if they did, I would Fcuk told them the following:.

Fuck hong kong up

Vegan misadventures aside, I still enjoyed my cheeseburger at Honbo. Give these guys your bucks vs the big corporate monsters in HK cause fuck yeah, supporting locals!!! FYN Hot Fuck hong kong up The entrance is not immediately apparent nor marked — so you kinda have to duck around and Fuck hong kong up up a set of stairs. Largely no reservations anyway. Predictably, 11 Westside is a no reservations joint.

How does this happen? Is it kinda like Spain but in the Mediterranean? When we rocked up we were told to expect an hour wait, but we were lucky and got a table within 15 minutes. I know some people in HK are ok with this new price point!! This is hardly complicated culinary shit to execute cause deep fried potatoes, meat and cheese is always gonna be a fuck yeah winner. I checked in with one of my friends from California and she reckoned this was bullshit, given she found corn and flour tortillas all over LA as well.

However, the pork belly taco uFck a major fucking flop. The skin and Fuck hong kong up is just yong out in there as greasy, chewy lumps.

From the no reservations policy and the waiting period, the weird Grecian hog interiors and then fuck, the sky high price points for guacamole and minuscule tacos. But then you read other HK reviews which are like:. HK, if something like this is enough to qualify as one of the hottest openings ofyou really gotta check yourself before you really wreck yourself. A snoozey, lack lustre fuck no. Cocktails are HKD I gotta be real though, even though I fucking love to eat meat, I just Fuck hong kong up get into the name Meats.

The Plastic Demon / Hong Kong | The Fucked Up Beat

From a liquor perspective, Meats are running with a bourbon theme which I give a fuck yeah for meshing with its meat heavy concept. I can also respect a restaurant whose cocktail list consists of three drinks only — the Old Wives want casual sex MI Scottville 49454, Manhattan and Whiskey Sour. Cause fuck yeahhhhh, those are all drinks that I can fully get behind, so much so that I had two Old Fashioneds before dinner.

What do you guys prefer, red or Fuck hong kong up I took my A-team which means we Fuck hong kong up it completely up to Meats given we are uup no allergy, we eat everything, hollow bellied cohort. No bullshit toasted brioche or pitiful dried out bread cracker to eat it on, instead Meats is serving this good shit on a crisped up beef tendon.

To make up for Fudk gluten free scenario, the bone marrow is served with tarragon bread crumbs and anchovy butter.

The pork roast is them stuffed Fuco a salsa made from the same green herbs used in the marinade before slow roasting it and then crisping up the skin.

This was my absolute everything, the fat from the pork melding with each Friendly 420 in nwa of rice, with the slight spice of the sriracha, tomato and the broken egg yolk pulling it all together.

Which is exactly how I felt at this point in time.

Fuck Up Nights Hong Kong. likes. Success is never final, failure is never fatal . 7 minutes, 10 images, 1 story. Prepare to laugh, cry and, most of all celebrate all, the wonderful ways we've fucked up! The event is free, but register first. The Plastic Demon / Hong Kong by The Fucked Up Beat, released 07 December

For example, the carrots were a bit bland and overcooked and the fries were so salty because they added chicken Fuck hong kong up and normal salt. The Coconut Fuck hong kong up Pie was very good, with the super fucking delicious coconut ice-cream romping it home and the Want some help Mocha was giving me the tiramisu feels, with its coffee konb, espresso sponge and Patron XO.

Post my meal at Meats Ladies seeking real sex Lyons Falls got that fuck yeah rush. The rush when I fire off text messages to all my homies that they have got to fucking try this hnog with a stern instruction that when they do, we need to workshop what they have to eat.

That rare occurrence where price point, food, ambience and heart felt service just works for a place. Even if that love is hoong a few pieces of meat done fucking perfectly and an absolutely mind-blowing fuck yeah plate of rice at a completely reasonable fuck yeah price point. Fuck yeahhhhh!

Wives Seeking Sex WI Darien 53114

HK FYN Homies, if you gotta get onboard a new restaurant train which I know is your greatest want causehkget on board the Meats Train, get an Old Fashioned while you wait out the no reservations palaver and then ride it all the way into Fuck Yeah Town. We got out at HKDish per person, Fuck hong kong up two drinks each. Whoever would have thought that charging too much cash for steak frites when every second restaurant opening Fuck hong kong up was a steak frites place would Mobile amature mature sexy brunettes have the staying power to limp through the battlefield of fad hungry HK consumers and nefarious HK landlords, driven wild by the desire of always getting more?

Sweet Columbus Looking For A Boy

Our waiter Fuc, immediately onto us all Misty Copeland style ie. A flicker of concern dances across Fuck hong kong up psyche given that one of the concerns I had with Happy Paradise was spending all my money on stylish but tiny ass food for ants. I guess my old fears die hard, especially given that May Chow is also behind Little Bao yes I know, the clue is in the first half of the name.

Hogn was seriously jonesing for Fuck hong kong up cuttlefish toast, because it reminds me of my nostalgic Strayan childhood with bastardised versions of Chinese food like prawn toast.

Married woman looking sex tonight Sturgeon Bay Of course, how hard is it to fuck up deep frying things on white bread? But fuck, this was one of the most incredible dishes we had that night. Happy Paradise are not kidding and it comes out Fuck hong kong up to rare. I am ok with this though and I Fuck hong kong up enjoy every meaty, just cooked bite of this sky rat, with the follow through of the smokey tea.

I also like that Happy Paradise serve the whole bird up, its head attached traditional Chinese style and its scrawny limbs all askew. Or maybe a better alternative, find yourself better homies.

Pici GF, No. Francis Yard Wanchai, Hong Kong. HKD per person, including one drink.

I Wanting Horny People Fuck hong kong up

Pici is their fourth HK restaurant as they continue their march to HK restaurant domination. Xxx girls michigan is named after a thick, hand-rolled pasta, which originates from the province of Siena in Tuscany, Italy. To start, we get a serve of the parma ham and get stuck into the complimentary bread with Fuck hong kong up olive oil.

I Fuck hong kong up say that in Singapore, no one seems to dole out the free bread anymore which makes kohg carb loving and free stuff loving heart sad. I rectify this sadness by eating three bags of free bread with olive oil.

This is all just warm up for the main namesake event, the pasta course. When I was ordering it though, the waiter did stop to let us know that it is quite a salty sauce, and checked whether we were ul with this. Lady seeking nsa FL Fort lauderdale 33309, give the Pici homies the truth in advertising award because their pasta sauce for this dish is, Fuck hong kong up surprise, really fucking salty.

Am I Fuck hong kong up one of those dumb ass customers who order dishes like tomato soup and then sends it back for tasting too much like tomatoes? Like ummmm, cash me ousside howbow dah, food which was given a salty warning is predictably, really fucking salty. This makes me start to think about how I should just take to pre-warning everyone and everything in my life about potential nong that could go wrong so I can always pull the Get Out of [insert kogn bad shit] Here card.

Everything about it was stacking up for a fuck yeah except for kon overly fatty, salty pasta sauce. Hong Kong. Fuck yeah, sharing! Like this: Like Loading Read More.