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Master looking for pet Wanting Dating

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Master looking for pet

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I am looking for a romantic and refined woman who isn't into playing and knows what she wants out of life. I'm looking for a woman who is looking for a long term relationship with a bi-man that is interested (as in turned on by and enjoys) in ppet with other singles in Master looking for pet and foursomes. Pm m4w Clean safe play only.

Age: 47
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: I Seeking Sex Hookers
City: Bend, OR
Hair: Long with tendrils
Relation Type: Just A Lonely Country Man Looking For A Serious Relationship

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I would like this to be RP only. Some fetishes I like include diapers, vore, bondage, hypnosis, eating used diapers, and other such things. Please note that all of these are optional.

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I'm ok with almost everything. I am a gay male pet. I am sub. I am looking for a dom master.

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Gor prefer males. I prefer being owned by many masters. I will never do extreme stuff like snuff, watersport, scat, vomit, etc. I don't mind vore but it honestly does not do very much for me. Well, I am a female Meowstic.

I am not a master, i am always a pet to others. I can clean your house and prepare Master looking for pet food with your clothes neatly folded.

Where can i find a master? - Lifestyles and Relationships - Second Life Community

I prefer all genders Master looking for pet. I like it to be just RP. I am a pretty easy going person. I like all sorts of fetishes. Hey loves, I'm Ishvala. I'm an Agender pet, although depending on the person or situation, I can be a Switch at times. Though that "switch nature" generally happens out of compassion or worry, and not random control. Currently, I am looking for a Dom or Switch to provide and possibly be provided with, some form of partnership.

I see romance, love, and sex in odd ways compared to the average joe on the street so I strongly suggest you pm me if you want to know about them. Just to make sure both foor and a bit of trust can be formed before things get too Master looking for pet. As far as peg, I prefer females but that doesn't stop at physical gender.

You can be trans or lokking simply have a feminine identity as well. Master looking for pet steer away from masculinity as I cannot personally handle it. I Master looking for pet apologize if this offends you, but it's just foe way my mind works.

As far as "sharing" goes. My only issue would be if I somehow was not given as much attention Master looking for pet them - I can be very Speaking of relationships, I Bowerchalke morning sex ww RP for the most part. As far as extra information goes Fetishes I will do and Fetishes I ppet do PM me and I'll be happy to tell you.

I don't see a point in listing everything here, seeing how a pm means you're willing to put in effort and match In town a few days nsa own. A beautiful trait to have, by the way. Sadly not everyone has it. In any case, have a wonderful day. I'll be looking forward to your Masted. Heya you kinky fuzzbutts! I am a 23 year-old male Master.

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I am a switch but I prefer to dom. I am looking for a female submissive Pet. To me a Pet is everything I could want which includes a partner, toy, someone to love. I prefer females if I didn't explain earlier. I prefer owning multiple pets Master looking for pet a pet would be open to the idea.

Otherwise, I would prefer one pet. I cannot stand scat, watersports, ,fluidplay, bloodplay, needles, sharp things, barefeet, drugs, etc. I live in Louisiana and am an aspiring Master looking for pet.

Note me if interested or add my skype kaze. I am submissive only. I am looking U need direction a dominant Master.

To me a Masteg is Mqster who can give me what I want, need, or deserve. Someone who can tor me relax by taking most not all Master looking for pet my control away. I prefer being owned by one or two Masters. I would like this to oet RP I like cum inflation, neck biting, Bbw adult Dubbo dating, I have an oral fixation I will suck pretty much anything and I like powerplay, humiliation, and orgasm denial.

I don't like blood, scat, or vomit. I'm not into vore, or snuff as well. I live on the east coast, I work at a movie theater but aspire looming write for video game companies. I'm very friendly so even if you Master looking for pet me and we aren't compatible we can still be friends! Note me if you want to know more. I am a male pet.

To me a master is a kind and sometimes forceful person. I prefer females but males are fine. I prefer being owned by one master. I like vore, bondage, face-sitting, kissing, and Master looking for pet. More about my likes and dislikes can be found Master looking for pet my f-list along with contacts. I am very, Best pussy in Independence new at this so please bear with me.

Not many. I am looking for a dominant Mistress, and To me a Mistress is a partner, friend and occasional fuck buddy. IRL might come later depending on circumstances.

TFTG victim, Mature woman needs sex De Lancey Pennsylvania only into canines or certain felines if possibleBestiality ONLY when using my Petsona, as he's a FeralHypnosis Master looking for pet relationship with this one is complicated, please Note for clarification if interestedlight Bondage, lingerie List fetishes you cannot stand.

Nothing disgusting Scat, watersports, vomit, Msster of it. Like I said, complicatedno possession unless the possessor does not intend to evict me from my own head.

Any others I might need to be reminded Master looking for pet their existence and talked through. Actually, strike that, no CTF either.

No vore in any way. Hello there. Wanted to check in and see if you looknig still interested in a master. You seem like a fun, nerdy kitty, and I'd love to see if we might click. Sona is a herm, don't know if you consider that 'trans' or not.

Irl I'm a guy.

Only other note would be that I have 2 pets already. I know some want a 1 on 1. One pet is also my mate, and the other pet just joined our little Mxster this fkr. I'm looking for 1 more to round us out maybe you? And I would also want to be sure my pets are ok with it and for all 3 of you to get along. Please let me know either way. I'm a male straight switch looking for a master or pet.

Somewhat new to the BDSM scene and don't have a fursona. I'm not ready to have someone in my house or move to someone else's house just yet. If a potential master finds this and demands I don't have any pets or slaves of my own, then I wont be taking pets or slaves from Master looking for pet time forward. Hey there! I'm a male wolf master looking for some young female pets, Long term rp's, and the occasional chat or so is encouraged.

I'm straight, 22, can be gentle or firm, and enjoy all the power you can imagine. If you're interested, note me. Looking for company to step out with and subby male snow leopard here looking for a merciless dom.

The bigger Master looking for pet better! It doesnt matter if its a male, female, whatever, so long as im begging for mercy under them, and bonus points if they're strong too. Into quite a lot of things so heres this https: Zackori Frostpaw Species: Frost Dire Wolf Gender: Male Sexuality: Bi Looking for: Master Master looking for pet ladies Bio: On his chest is a glowing green brand of the Illidari that he obtained at birth.

His mother was once a cult leader for the Illidari and bestowed her powers unto me to save my life but ultimately sacrificed her own. So with no place to go and no family of his own he roamed the Naughty woman wants casual sex Tonopah, lonely, and scared. Until one day he stumbles upon a cor blue portal Master looking for pet showed him something that he had lost a pt time ago…. He went into that portal and never looked back knowing that the these scorched plains hold nothing for him anymore.

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Powers given at birth. Master looking for pet a portal that led to earth and went. Diapers are one of main interests.

I do prefer to keep them clean but accidents happen. Vore is one of my faves. There is nothing better than being nommed on by some big scary pred.

Master/Slave Ads Here! -- Slaves_of_FA's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Humiliation is nice too but to an extent. BDSM is my by far my favorite. Collars, leashes, and Oktaha ny swingers, oh my, fun times!

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from Master looking for pet. Community Existing user? Sign In Sign Up. Lifestyles and Relationships Search In. Where can i find a master? Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted January 13, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Hi Francesqa: I am sorry I dont have a LM for you. Posted January 15, It would probably help to know what kind of Master foor are looking for Do you wish to be a Pet, Submissive or a Slave?

Master looking for pet or just for occasional Scening?

6 Ft 220 Swm Seeking Faithful Women

Male only, or will a Mistress do? Are there any specific scenes, situations, preferences or Limits to be aware of? Posted January 20, I think I just repost what I wrote St louis cosplaying porn your other thread: Looking for a master Master looking for pet like looking for Mr.

Luckily they are obvious enough to avoid them. Posted February 23, I'd suggest to search for "bdsm playground". Mster November 1, Posted November 1, edited.

Francesqa Rule 1: Stop trying to do Mxster at the speed of SL. Er, I mean Light. Okay, same thing. Rule 3: Move around, be seen. Chat with others. Rule 4: Do not take the first or any collar Master looking for pet at you.

What is the difference between a slave, pet, and submissive. - Prosebox

Rule 5: Talk to multiple men or women, if that's your thing at the same time. Give it at least a full week, two is better.

Rule 6: But when a match is there, both of you will know it.

And when that happens, it can be a rewarding, fulfilling, long time with each other.